The NC Center for Cybersecurity

Headquartered in Winston-Salem, the North Carolina Center for Cybersecurity, a 501(c)3 organization, accelerate regional economic development through applied cybersecurity to foster economic development. It will also position North Carolina as a leader in cybersecurity workforce development at the community level to help existing businesses meet the global demand for a more secure supply chain. Regional hubs across the state, operating under the umbrella of the North Carolina Center for Cybersecurity (NCCC), will concentrate on:

  • Workforce development aimed at training students and retraining the local workforce to solve practical cybersecurity problems and help companies seeking a consistent supply of cybersecurity talent across multiple disciplines.
  • Public, private, and academic collaboration focused on developing practical solutions to commercial cybersecurity problems that match each region’s economic strengths.

Upcoming Events

February 2020 - Monthly Chapter Meeting

When - Monday, February 10th @ 6-8PM

Location - 500 W 5th Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Cost - FREE for First Time Guests and Chapter Members * $15 for Returning Guests (dinner included)

Topic - Cyber Risk Management for Small/Medium Businesses

Registration - Chapter Meeting Registration


This presentation will give cybersecurity professionals a look at cyber risk management from the perspective of their clients and/or their C-suite. For business owners/executives, it will describe their role in managing cyber risk, which extends well beyond just IT.


In addition to founding Threat Sketch and authoring Cybersecurity: A Business Problem, Rob Arnold has represented the interests of small and medium size organizations before Congress and participated in key Homeland Security initiatives and events. Rob is an active member of the IT Sector Coordinating Council and a member of Homeland Security's ICT Supply Chain Task Force Executive Council.

Rob is also advocate for small and medium size organizations on the national stage through organizations such as Business Executives for National Security (BENS) and through speaking engagements at national conferences, such as those sponsored by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Wall Street Journal. Locally, Rob is chairman of the North Carolina Center for Cybersecurity and an advisory board member to UNC-Greensboro’s Information Systems and Supply Chain Management program and an advisory board member to Forsyth Technology Community College’s cybersecurity program, which is a certified NSA Center of Academic Excellence.

Rob also co-founded the Piedmont Triad Cyber Roundtable to help educate the local business community. In addition to my focus on cybersecurity, Rob also serves on a number of boards which provide further insight into organizational challenges to managing risk.


Threat Sketch | We know the cost of cybersecurity. Do You?

Author of: Cybersecurity: A Business Solution

Congressional testimony on information sharing

Want me as a speaker or panelist?

Phone: 1-844-IT-RISKS

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Data Privacy | Contract Law

Cybersecurity 6 Hour Workshop

February 25th, 2019

9 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST - Includes Breakfast and Lunch Onsite

Join us for the first Privacy l Contract Law l Cybersecurity CLE. Hear about recent developments in the U.S. Data privacy law, data breach notification, the legal role in supply chain security, In-House issues in cybersecurity, criminal law in cyberspace and the special needs of small business, non-profit and government clients. Also, spend an hour discussing the ethical responsibilities of attorneys after a data breach. CLE CREDIT HOURS - NC STATE BOARD APPROVED!

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Session Held By:

Threat Sketch | Peter McClelland – In-House Counsel l Esq. & CIPP/US

Coming Soon!

2020 - CISSP Review

Agenda & Several Sessions under Scheduling Review at NCCC

*Location, Dates & Times - To Be Announced

This series of events will help you prepare for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Exam. The review group is ideal for people that are almost ready to take the CISSP exam and want an instructor led review group environment to ask pointed questions for challenging topics. Those brand new to the concept of CISSP should also consider attending the series to establish relationships with mentors and have access to local resources for assistance while learning the course material required for the CISSP exam.

Would you like more information about this event? Is your organization interested in sponsoring or being one of the trainers for the CISSP Review?

Regional Frameworks

The North Carolina Center for Cybersecurity will begin working immediately with the Piedmont Triad to build and test a flexible framework for public, private, and academic collaboration that can be adopted and modified to fit other regions. Other North Carolina regions are encouraged to participate alongside the Piedmont Triad as founding, benchmark communities. The framework will evolve based on community input, but the current vision includes:

  • Facilitating the delivery of secure products and services to meet the growing, worldwide demand for secure-by-design solutions is one example of how the North Carolina Center for Cybersecurity will benefit the Piedmont Triad’s manufacturing, biotechnology, transportation, and logistics industries. These, and dozens of other local industries, need novel solutions to shared cybersecurity problems like managing third party cyber risk and defending against nation-state attacks on our economic capabilities.
  • Having trained staff to implement cybersecurity solutions is another shared problem. Bringing academic and private sector leaders together helps keep college and university programs aligned with current and future industry needs. It will also facilitate the development of hands-on training programs that allow students to get practical experience to augment their academic knowledge.
  • The North Carolina Center for Cybersecurity’s role is to facilitate discussions between captains of industry, academic leaders, and government officials around key topics like those mentioned above. Through state and federal connections, additional expertise and resources can be brought to bear on the toughest of problems.

Cyber On Main

At the federal level, a new public-private partnership is beginning to take shape. Cyber on Main’s goal is to offer support for community based cybersecurity initiatives that address nation-scale problems like building regional capacity to counter systemic risk, a problem that is best tackled through cooperative community and regional programs. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA, which is part of Homeland Security) are supportive of the intent and concept of Cyber on Main and they are working through legal channels for a formal request for assistance.

A founder of the North Carolina Center for Cybersecurity was a signatory to the formal request and is working closely with representatives from CISA to shape this national program that supports community-based cybersecurity programs. Through this relationship, the North Carolina Center for Cybersecurity and its regional hubs will provide a model for other communities across the nation.